2019 Federalists Society National Lawyers Convention

This is Ron Poliquin from DoverLawOffice.com,

I am reporting here from the Federalist Society National Convention. This is an organization debating society dedicated to originalism and promoting the rural law protecting the Constitution.

I’m here with about three-thousand other attorneys. As you can see this place is a madhouse and we’re having some great forums, great debates. The one issue that’s come up, that’s currently being debated is whether or not the Supreme Court is going to take Title 7. Title 7 is the federal statute that protects discrimination based on gender, based on sex or will they expand that to sexual orientation.

Now just let you know; I will give you a little brief background of the law as it is. Right now, homosexual harassment and in the 1 Cal case was deemed a violation of Title 7.

There’s also been deemed a break if you’re a violation if you discriminate based on gender stereotypes. So that’s another way that homosexuals are people of different sexual orientation can be protected under federal law. Now, of course, this doesn’t include many state law protections that have been coming out such as in Delaware which actually does protect transgender, LGBTQ, and other forms of sexual orientation discrimination.

The question right now will be whether or not the Supreme Court will expand Title 7 to deem sexual orientation discrimination not just by gender stereotypes or harassment as a violation of federal law, which gets you into federal court and get you all the punitive damages, compensatory damages, and attorney fees that are allowed under the Title 7 case.

Anyways, Ron Poliquin DoverLawOffice.com, coming from DC at the Federal Society National Lawyers Convention. Thank You!

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