Protection from Abuse (PFA)/Family Law

If you are a victim of domestic abuse:
A protective order is a legal order issued by a state court which requires one person to stop harming another. The order can also place other restrictions on the abuser, such as ordering him/her to stay away from you or stop contacting you. In Delaware, there are protective orders based on family violence and based on sexual assault or abuse, stalking, or trafficking.

If you fear for your safety, or the safety of your child, you can take legal steps TODAY to protect yourself. You can go to court to ask for a protection from abuse (PFA) order to prevent family violence.

The court wants to ensure your safety; and we are here to help. Contact the Poliquin Firm today for help obtaining a PFA order. An initial hearing with the court will be scheduled soon after you file your papers. We fight for your rights!

There are several types of emergency orders available in Delaware. In cases of family violence, a request for a protection from abuse order can be filed by a victim who is related to the abuser, living with the abuser, or has a child with the abuser.

Ron Poliquin of the Poliquin Firm is happy to help you fill out the form, or you can do it yourself. Ron can accompany you to the first hearing, or you can go alone. At that first hearing, the person you are accusing of abuse will not be present. It will be you, the judge and your lawyer, if you bring one.
If you are accused of domestic abuse:
Receiving a petition from a loved one accusing you of abuse can be emotionally devastating.

Unfortunately, you don’t really have time to feel sorry for yourself because the hearing is scheduled next week and the results could have grave consequences on both your family and your pocket book.

Without proper representation, you could lose the right to stay in your home, the right to see your children, be ordered to pay alimony and child support, and lost your right to possess a firearm. With such short notice, it is critical to get a experience family law attorney immediately. Contact the Poliquin Firm today for help defendant against a PFA order.

If you need help with a PFA or any other Family Court matter, please contact the Poliquin Firm right away for the help you deserve!

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