COVID Employee Alert

Ron Poliquin,,

This is a COVID employee alert on unpaid wages and overtime. There has been an uptick, extreme uptick, in the number of unpaid wage claims since the pandemic. There are many employers out there who are closed for various reasons, who are expecting employees to go weeks and sometimes months without pay and using the pandemic as an excuse.

This is not only wrong; it is illegal, and employees have remedies to solve these problems. Employees should not be expected to work without pay or work beyond 40-hours a week without getting paid overtime pay. The government has put in place many programs for businesses such as the Paycheck Protection Program to help employers get through this trying time. That does not mean that employees need to be sacrificing their pay for employers.

Another thing that has happened is that employers are asking employees to switch from salary to hourly. Now the whole point of going from hourly to salary is that you don’t have to work 40-hours a week. You are basically paid for your time and they are not keeping hours. But, because of the pandemic there are some employers who are asking or unilaterally switching employees pay from salary to hourly, so be careful of that. Don’t be a sucker, don’t let emotions, don’t let employers manipulate you.

There are many employees who are sacrificing their pay, their time with their family because they believe that they owe some loyalty to these employers or their boss. It is great to have loyalty but one of the principles of this country is that you should get paid for what you do and paid for your work. So, make sure you are getting paid if you have any issues you come see me, Ron Poliquin, or see an otherwise qualified employment attorney and make sure you assert your rights. Be you own best advocate.

Thank you!

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