Who wants to be a Whistleblower Multimillionaire?

Ron Poliquin, doverlawoffice.com.

A question we're talking about today is who wants to be a whistleblower multimillionaire? A whistleblower multimillionaire. And how do you become a millionaire the easy way? Traditionally you could go through game shows, reality TV, the lottery, maybe go to the casino. Now there's another way.

Blow the whistle on a federal or state agency committing fraud pursuant to either the Federal False Claims Act or the State False Claims Act, or a whistleblower act.

That's exactly what happened when a Duke University lab analyst sued the University of Duke University on behalf of the federal government showing Duke fudged data to help the university win and keep lucrative grants from the National Institute of Health and in the EPA. Duke settled the case by paying $112.5 million dollars to the US government, but guess what that lab analyst received? He received $33.75 million dollars for his trouble. So if you happen to know of any fraud going on with either federal grants, perhaps in one of our fine universities here in Delaware, or going on with fraud in money in state or federal government, contact my office, and we'll investigate the claims and guide you through the process. And you may just become a multimillionaire for your troubles. This is Ron Poliquin, doverlawoffice.com. Because remember, if you don't stand up for your rights, who else will?

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